Set Start Money

Here is a Start Money MOD with a dropdown,
Select values from 50,000 to 50,000,000. The list has valued in 50,000 intervals from 50,000 to 1,000,000. Also in 500,000 intervals to 50,000,000.
A text field could be added but a validation button would need to be added to make sure that value is correct.
This would conflict with other Start Money MODS with a race case.

There is an xml file created SetStartMoney.xml. you can even enter your own value here, 178345. but I do not remove bad charactors.


Emergency Lights Changer Plus

This mod is a spinoff of the original (Boformer’s) Emergency Lights Changer.
All credit goes to boformer, the original creator.
Source code[]

This MOD is for Japanese user (Red-Red emergency lights)

2 presets were added to original version on this MOD.
– The ‘ Japanese ‘ preset changes the light color of all emergency vehicles to red-red.
– The ‘ Light off ‘ preset turns off all emergency vehicles lights. (Light intensity 0)


Vanilla Trees Remover

Wave goodbye to all ugly vanilla trees from all buildings!

Use this mod to strip all buildings from ugly vanilla trees so you can then place your own custom ones of your preference using Prop and Tree Anarchy.

This mod will remove all instances of all vanilla trees (except cherry blossom) from all buildings. That includes all vanilla buildings as well as any assets you’ve downloaded from the workshop.

To place your own trees, you need to subscribe to BloodyPenguin’s awesome mod:

Prop and Tree Anarchy

I used much code from BloodyPenguin’s Prop remover, and give thanks where thanks are due.


Topographic Lines Toggle

Small mod which lets you manually toggle native topographic lines overlay anytime, anywhere. You know – those nice elevation contours as seen in Map Editor.

Now, if you wish, you can also see those slopes when drawing roads, zoning, e.t.c. Look for the “Topo” button in the top left corner of the screen.



This mod changes the population capacity of buildings to more accurately represent their building size. It decreases the population capacity of low density building while it increases the population capacity of high density buildings and offices.

No longer will there be houses with 7 households and skyscrapers with only 20 workplaces. Be warned though, this mod makes things more difficult. A higher population means that that you need to handle much more traffic.

This mod also makes some balance changes regarding water/electricity consumption, garbage accumulation and income of different buildings. It should make early game somewhat easier while making the game later on more difficult.


This mod is best used for new games only. The mod directly updates workplacecount of offices/industry/commercial. New population numbers for residential zones are only applied on new buildings.

Mod is NOT compatible with:
Building Simulation Overhaul
Proper Hardness
Fire Spread


Hardware mod

Make your own Computers! Remember its a mod for Software inc.

  • Motherboards – 42 Features
  • Processors – 24 Features
  • Storage – HDD – 19 Features
  • PCI – Graphics Cards – 15 Features
  • Monitors – 16 Features
  • NET / Internet / ISP [soon]
  • RAM / Memory [soon]
  • Other kinds of computers [soon]
  • SSD / other storages [soon]
  • PCI – Audio Interfaces [soon]
  • USB – Peripherals [Mouse, Keyboard, etc., soon]
  • Cases – A shell to put your computer in.
  • Computers – Puts it all together


Poisonwood Expansion Mod

New Features

  • Game Client (Releases in 1995 | 6 Features)
  • Mail Client (Releases in 1980 | 13 Features)
  • Photo Library (Releases in 1980 | 6 Features)
  • Web Browser (Releases in 1990 | 9 Features)

*Please note that some features will not be available until specific years. I took some creative liberty, but I tried to keep some historical accuracy.


  • Sandbox (Start with $1,000,000,000 and more start date options)